Protein is a powerhouse nutrient necessary for sculpting a ripped physique, but choosing the best protein sources for bodybuilders can be a challenge. At Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, we advise you on all the best sources. We want to help you to build your body from the ground up. Find out what high protein foods you should be choosing to maximize your gains.

Differences In Protein

When it comes to a bodybuilding diet, not all proteins are created equal. There are meat proteins, dairy proteins, and plant proteins. The high protein foods and supplements you use to fuel your body and build muscle depend on both your lifestyle and your goals.

Lose Weight & Add Muscle

Do you need to lose weight? Are you adding muscle? Both? As your bodybuilding personal trainer, Dee Bloom can help you identify and narrow your food choices down to those that support performance, lean muscle or bulking up.

She can advise you on the types of protein that are best for you personally, and how much you should consume daily for best results.

A Bodybuilding Food List

There are tried and true protein sources you can add to your bodybuilding diet to support the physique you are looking for. While this list does not include every possible protein-rich food, it does contain some of the most popular and readily available sources.

For The No Meat Athlete

As the growing world of vegan bodybuilders will tell you, there are many great sources of plant protein as well. Lentils, broccoli, and spirulina all contain good amounts of this muscle-building nutrient without the animals or cholesterol.

Sculpting Bodies Beyond Food

Protein for bodybuilding is an essential component of success, but there is more to muscle building than food. Choosing the right overall diet, and even meal timing can have huge benefits.

Take Advantage Of Our Experience

Time tested workout techniques and a customized bodybuilding diet plan work together for real progress. Dee offers exceptional nutritional advice, homemade protein-boosting products, and the contest-winning knowledge and skill to take your bodybuilding to the next level.

Your Bodybuilding Coach In Las Vegas

From creating a perfect eating plan including high protein foods to teaching you how to prepare for competition, Team Dee’s offers superb personal training, coaching, and support for bodybuilders in Las Vegas. Contact us today to start seeing results, pump up your bodybuilding journey or to get coaching for your next competition.