If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Las Vegas, contact Dee Bloom of Team Dee’s to help you navigate your fitness journey. With an IFBB Pro in your corner, you’ll experience the life-changing benefits of having access to your very own award-winning las vegas personal trainer.

  • Lose That Excess Weight
  • Tighten Your Physique
  • Stay Motivated

Dee trains out of Powerhouse Gym, you will have access to a state-of-the-art facility where you can get on the road to real results.

Personal Training Tailored To You

With a professional fitness coach on your side, reaching your body goals will become more of an adventure. You’ll not only succeed in targeting fat and looking your best, but you’ll learn about proper nutrition for optimal health.

A Trainer That Gets Results

Dee Bloom has a background in dance, nutrition, fitness counseling, and competition. As an IFBB Pro trainer and an AFFAA certified health and movement advisor, she knows how to move, train, and shape bodies. You want a personal trainer that can help you get the most out of your workout while designing a fitness and nutrition program specific to your body’s needs to reach your fitness goal.

Create A Strong Foundation

Having a personal trainer is a great way to learn correct posture and form for better weight lifting and cardio exercise performance. Dee will help hold you accountable during your personal training while giving you the tools to overcome the mental block of reaching your fitness goals.

Start Personal Training With Dee

For a personal trainer in Las Vegas who delivers real results, contact Dee Bloom for long-lasting weight management, less fat, more muscle, and total body health. She will customize a personal training plan to help you see the results you want. Not local? No problem. Dee also offers online personal training services for your convenience.