• "Dear coach, I knew I made the right decision teaming up with you. Thank you for helping me reach my potential. I appreciate your patience and extra effort instilling and building my confidence. Thank you for your very professional hard training and diet experience. I have to say and swear by your Dee’s Protein Squares are the best! Blood sweat and tears, thanks for partaking I’m mine! Much love, Jade"

    Jade C.
    Jade C. Master Overall Bikini Winner, NPC LEGENDS CLASSIC 2019
  • "Dee is AWESOME! She kicks my butt every week and listens to me complain the whole way through it but never lets me quit! Every work out she puts me through is awesome and the results speak for themselves! I show up and do what she says and I get THE BEST workout! She's educated me on what we're doing and why, nutrition, and life in general 🙂 I'd recommend her to anyone, she's beyond knowledgable and the best in her craft. Her passion shows through in everything she does!"

    Aimee W.
  • "Ok so I have been with Dee for 3 years now ,,Here it is She is Tough but fun in other words she will entertain you with her Random Dance Moves to the song on at the gym while telling you to do some hyper charged totally Dee'd out Form of an exercise She has decided you need to do to Get your Goals met ..She has Never Let me Down and Always Reminds me ,"Don't Give up on YOURSELF, Risa" Squeezing that Last Set out Of YOU ...It is a Total LOVE/Not always happy with the Exercise Relationship !!! .I point at a body I want and she laughs and says ,"Muscle Maturity!!!"I can honestly say that now I have seen much Growth on my size and Muscles are Maturing Nicely.. Dee Rocks ..Try Coach for a session and See if after a day You think She is NO GOOD ...A Challenge For You !!! If you Dare Too ..Diets She Does Those Too ..She is WORLD CLASS TRAINER for all types ..She met me where I was and Brought me to where I am NOW . Not a Bad DEAL !!! Thanks Coach"

    Risa R.
  • "I've been with Dee for about 3 months now and I love training with her. She is getting me ready for a competition and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. With 30 years experience in bodybuilding and IFBB Pro Status, she is very knowledgable in helping you in your fitness goals whatever they may be. Her work outs are tough and she pushes you to the limit but that is her job. No pain, no gain really. I'm really excited to get on stage for my first show in 6 years with the help and guidance of Dee, and also look forward to continue with her and achieve my goals."

    Nasim C.
  • "So pleased with the journey so far D. I'm excited for the future. I'm very thankful for your guidance."

    Kenny Lopera
    Kenny Lopera Off Season Training
  • "Dee is my coach for life when I entered the gym never could I imagine the condition she got me in. I look better than I ever have plus she helped me attain my dream of getting on stage and competing l. I lost 66 lbs with her in 15 months along with changing my shape looking and feeling younger with more confidence. Thank you coach Dee."

    Marcia D.
  • "Hands down, Dee Bloom is the best trainer in Vegas! I've had my fair share of trainers and there is nothing like her. She keeps you motivated and coming back for more. Her knowledge of nutrition coupled with her experience in body building will give you all the tools to succeed in your New Years resolutions."

    Erica B.
  • "I love being a part of the Dee's Divas and Dudes team! Amazing support from inspiring athletes! I highly recommend anyone who wants world class training to check out Denise! Denise has helped me achieve goals that I never imagined!"

    Verleda Burge
  • "Mama Dee has always pushed me to believe in myself and enjoy the journey of competing. She is more than just a coach, she is also a friend, supporter, and a mom to me. Proud to represent Dee's Divas."

    Michelle Orlina
    Michelle Orlina
  • "I came Pittsburg by myself with nothing less than my indomitable will and sheer fortitude…traits that have carried me far in life… Thank you Denise Dinger for being my rock, my strength during moments of weakness; for showing me light when I could only see darkness; for believing in me when I wouldn't; for staying by my side when I needed you the most; for being patient; for listening to me; for putting up with my tantrums and insecurities leading up to the show; for teaching me the meaning of trust and loyalty; for believing in my potential and never letting me doubt it; for showing me the value of staying true to myself; for making me understand that change is hard but sometimes needed. Thank you for being that good-hearted, selfless, sincere, caring, IFBB pro that could climb any mountain and make me believe that I could too. You are a secure individual, a secure professional IFBB pro athlete--never one to put others down, never one to judge, never one to label, never one to engage in petty, toxic dialogue; but always one with a positive, upbeat, and a creative energy that I needed during my strenuous contest preps. Thank you Mama Dee. Sometimes counselors need emotional support too. Thank you for being my mommy when I needed one."

    Mario Peraza
    Mario Peraza IFBB Pro