• Dee,I say this to you every day and will continue to do so! You are the best coach in town! There’s a reason why when someone googles competition in Las Vegas your name pops up. The respect and reputation linked to your name is something that one must earn. And you definitely earned it! Your passion, your knowledge, your commitment… Since you and I started this journey together, I’ve always felt so safe! Because I knew you got my back and you were/are always there for me!You were the one that told me I should compete in Physique! And look at what happened. Coaching for you has always been about your athletes! It’s never been about you, or the money… you are a legend!I love you all! Be kind and generous to yourselves! We are so blessed to be alive, healthy and having passion to make our dreams a reality!

    Audrey Diccico
    Audrey Diccico LV Classic 2022 Overall Woman's Physique Champion
  • The team was, badass… seriously. Even if I hadn’t won anything, I’d still be proud to be in the squad. Dee, Like I told you… you’re amazing and there’s a reason your name carries respect.

    Jason Brown
    Jason Brown LV Classic 22 - Men's Physique Runner Up
  • I owe you so much for all the confidence you’ve given me this year! I was so excited I didn’t ask you what I should focus on building for the next one.

    Sarah Studeman
    Sarah Studeman LV Classic 2022 Master Bikini 3rd place
  • Coach Dee, I just want to say thank you, me and mark are really grateful with all the help you did. We wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for your bad ass coaching. Thank you once again.

    Trisha Micarez
    Trisha Micarez Trisha Micarez - LV Classic 2022 Overall True Novice Bikini Champion
  • An expert at her craft, Dee is creating living art.I spent nearly a decade strength training to break free from nagging pains from my youth and met Dee as she began to coach my wife. After spending a lot of time building my knowledge base in resistance training, I found Dees expert knowledge extremely valuable.I began training with Dee myself around the time the pandemic hit and she prepared me for my first show in 5 weeks. Fast forward to my 4th show and she had learned how to train my body so well in 2 years that I earned my IFBB pro card!She’s attentive to your needs as you pursue your fitness goals and as you look to attain a better version of yourself. They say beauty is skin deep and the relationship and bond formed with my coach Dee definitely went deeper than the surface. I’m a more confident and disciplined version of myself with the aesthetic to go with it.I’m delighted to have found a great coach and a friend in Dee.

    Nate Soria
    Nate Soria IFBB Masters Physique Pro
  • Want to know how I became an IFBB Bikini Pro at 55 ? Hell yes you would.It all started with my husband telling me I had the body of a Miss Bikini 2017. Well, I did not consider that until 2019 despite him saying otherwise. At first, I just had a regular trainer learning how to lift weights in general. After a year of that, my husband said that I need to get a professional trainer geared towards competition training. So< i interviewed two well known professional trainers. Hands down, I picked Dee Bloom because she really carried herself with total confidence, made me strip down to my underwear and looked me over very thoroughly, and she was an IFBB Pro body builder, who obviously had earned her Pro card with the dedication and knowledge it takes to turn Pro. Then the training really began with weights and cardio. She planned out every work out, organized a diet plan designed to get my body building muscle and losing fat. Dee's Passion for what she does shines through every action she does. But the posing is what wins between the top women competing for the Pro card. Dee being a dancer with formal training pushes your posing to perfection. Dee Bloom says posing makes or breaks the competition, and after my journey to the top , AI completely agree. My very first ;regional competition after only 9 months of training and posing with Dee, I came in first. Then 3 more moths of training and posing and I came in 7/11 in my first national competition after a total of only eleven months or training with Dee. Then more dieting, more training, more posing, and another regional nine months later and I came in first again. Then an intense effort for the next three moths, and ended up at the nationals in Pittsburgh. You really have to be dedicated, and focused on the goal of getting your Pro card. My incredible coach made sure she was with me the entire week with me at the National meeting. It turned out that that was very important not only for her to see me multiple times daily to make changes in the diet that needs to be spot on, but for my mental health and confidence knowing that she was there every step of the way. That in a nut shell is how I became Miss Bikini 55 + 2022 IFBB Pro. You need a partner that totally supports you and a very passionate knowledgeable experienced Professional coach that actually cares about you as a person.

    Lola Mayorquim
    Lola Mayorquim IFBB Bikini Pro
  • Let me start off by saying I couldn’t accomplish what I’ve accomplished now in a year without Dee. When I came to her, I had a goal in mind, and my goal was to dabble in competing, and I knew I needed her guidance. After the first competition, I set a new goal…I wanted to become a pro before I turn 40! I knew Dee could get me there, and I knew all I had to do was put in the work and do what she tells me to do. So…I did!I followed her programs religiously. It was rough, and Dee makes you work hard, but that’s what I love about her. I needed someone to tell me exactly how it is and exactly how and where to improve without any fluff. I needed someone to kick me in the butt when I’m off my game and someone to remind me about my ultimate goals. She has done all of that.I trust Dee wholeheartedly, and I trust that she will get me to my next goal! She’s gotten me a lot further in such a short amount of time than I could ever hope for. I can only imagine how much further she would take me in the future.

    Winnie Shao
    Winnie Shao IFBB BIKINI PRO
  • Amidst the hard work of trying to get my health back on track and losing thirty pounds, Dee’s Protein bars have been an integral part of my routine. Not only are they a delicious, sweet, healthy treat, but they are also satisfying for those late afternoon cravings. I really look forward to them daily and they have helped make the journey of healthy eating enjoyable!

    Natasha Reese
  • On my own I ate my way into triple bypass and 246 lbs of self hatred and confusion.  At 50 I was hopeless and frustrated cause I really had tried to get it together.  Fad diets and crazy exercise routines and all failed. Denise offered me everything I needed.  With her experience she guided me diet wise and exercise wise to a result that is miraculous.   Her knowledge of all aspects of fitness and health and diet brought me from the surgery table to the Sampson showdown Men's physique 45+ champion.With her expertise she has reversed all my damage in a short 3 years.  If you are seriously ready to change this amazing healer can get you to a new life !!

    Bill Hargrave
    Bill Hargrave
  • "Dear coach, I knew I made the right decision teaming up with you. Thank you for helping me reach my potential. I appreciate your patience and extra effort instilling and building my confidence. Thank you for your very professional hard training and diet experience. I have to say and swear by your Dee’s Protein Squares are the best! Blood sweat and tears, thanks for partaking I’m mine! Much love, Jade"

    Jade C.
    Jade C. Master Overall Bikini Winner, NPC LEGENDS CLASSIC 2019