• Going into this, I had a feeling that I belonged in Wellness. But since this was my 1st prep and we didn't know how my body will look like after extreme dieting because bodybuilding is not about how lean you are but the muscles left when you get lean. And it usually takes a year to build lean muscles and I was just 6 months since I started this journey. But lo and behold, my quadz stuck with me 😂4 wks out, my coach said "you should do Wellness or even both". After having just practiced posing bikini, I had to cram and learn how to pose Wellness as well. And they're way different from each other 😂 but what can I say, I like complicated 🤷‍♀️Winning 🏆 in Bikini Open was just a bonus that we didn't really shoot for because we knew my quadz would dominate. But because I have the greatest coach ever, she knows how to use the magic of illusion ✨ to "downsize" my legs 😂 Very humbled that I won 🥇 in Wellness True Novice - qualifying me for Nationals on first show as a natural. But we need to grow first baby 🥰

    Dr. Stephanie Weltha
    Dr. Stephanie Weltha
  • Can’t do this with your. @teamdees702, the confidence you’ve given me through posing and mentorship has proven to be invaluable to me. Thank you. Time to grow!!

    Emily Zimmerman
    Emily Zimmerman Winning 1st Figure Sampson Showdown and Winning 1st Figure Jay Cutler desert classic
  • Yeah 2 gyms gave me an offer at the same time actually. Guess I was pretty personable 😂 but hey dee couldn’t have done it without u giving me confidence. You’ve done so much for me. More than you know. And not just learning lifts and technique! Definitely my life coach lol I can’t put a price on that! Thankful to have you in my life! 🙏

    Ryan Mirabueno
    Ryan Mirabueno
  • I’m more thankful for you and the person you brought out in me. Positive things about me are said to me and I don’t often see them, but NOW I do! Forget what the rest say, I AM a bad ASS! And Dee says so💕 much love and appreciation to you.Thank you for seeing so much in me and caring for me and my heart that much, to help me make the intelligent decision to forgo the Las Vegas show. What actually convinced me the most was that you said I was a “National Level athlete” in other words stay on THAT level and nothing beneath me. I don’t need to tell you because you recognized it, but I did EVERYTHING you told me to and then some. I put everything I had into it and spared nothing. For ME, but you know what? on all my preps I always did the same but NOBODY, no coach, has ever highlighted me, spoke about me or was downright proud of me AND let me know it. I am SO grateful that the Angels came together and had our paths cross, you are not only an AMAZING coach, you are an AMAZING women who truly loves this sport and makes it so that your athletes do too. You taught me techniques, tips, and cues that nobody else ever has, and more importantly you taught me things about myself with an emphasis on self acceptance and admiration. I FINALLY, am awe struck with what I accomplished, I LOVE the stage shots from NPC online, and YES just like some smart women told me………I BELONGED THERE! The Amateur OLYMPIA!! I did that, WE did that! It’s not pro status YET so don’t right me off, because WE will be PREPPING again-37 weeks to go, but who’s counting. Thank you so much again- See you after Mexico

    Dawn Borjas
    Dawn Borjas
  • Before meeting Dee, my days were shrouded in constant worry and unease. My name is Hannah, and for the longest time, I suffered from crippling anxiety. It affected my relationships, work, and overall well-being. Sleepless nights were the norm, and my energy levels during the day were perpetually low.A chance encounter led me to Dee, a fitness trainer known for not just physical transformations, but emotional ones too. I remember our first meeting: she looked into my eyes and said, “We’re going to channel your anxiety into something positive.”True to her word, Dee introduced me to a simple yet effective routine: every morning, before the world could plant its worries into my mind, I started with 15, eventually progressing to 20 minutes of cardio. It wasn't just about weight loss or fitness, but as Dee explained, about increasing dopamine and serotonin — the "happy hormones" in our brains.The first few days were challenging. My anxiety often made excuses, but with Dee's consistent encouragement, I persisted. Within just six weeks, not only did I see a reduction of 2 inches on my waistline, but more importantly, I began feeling a transformation inside.My productivity at work skyrocketed. Tasks that seemed monumental before were now completed with ease. Sleep, which had eluded me for so long, became peaceful and restorative. And an unexpected yet delightful change was the enhancement in my intimate relationship; my sex life became better, more passionate, and intimate.Reflecting on my journey, the physical benefits of the routine Dee introduced are evident, but it’s the emotional and mental transformation that has been truly life-altering. Every morning, as I lace up my shoes and prepare for my cardio, I'm reminded of how movement has been my medication, and Dee, my guiding light.

  • My prep coach and good friend Denise Bloom of Team Dee’s is a bad a$$ strong woman. She supports and encourages other women’s success and is happy for them. She also likes to celebrate Wonder Woman Wednesday. The other day, she saw me wearing my WW leggings and wanted to take these pictures of me. We’re silly like that. Funny story. Last week I found out that a woman made a comment about me. She referred to me as “the old lady Audrey.” I say funny story because there’s nothing old about me. Not at the gym, not during my photoshoots (clothed or not), not throughout the day… I know I’m not in my 20’s… but old? Far from it. But then I realized that her comment had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with her. Like I tell my daughters, if a girl/woman has the need to make you look bad, says unkind things about you, has the need to put you down, the reason behind it is because she wishes she was you, looked like you, had what you have, did the things you do… isn’t it sad? All women should be like Dee Bloom from Team Dee’s. Don’t be insecure, miserable, and uncomfortable in your skin, stop comparing yourself to others. Be happy with who you are, work harder to be the woman you want to be, and be happy for other women. We’re living this life together. There’s room for everyone.

    Audrey Dicicco
    Audrey Dicicco Overall LV Classic Physique Winner 2021
  • The team was, badass… seriously. Even if I hadn’t won anything, I’d still be proud to be in the squad. Dee, Like I told you… you’re amazing and there’s a reason your name carries respect.

    Jason Brown
    Jason Brown LV Classic 22 - Men's Physique Runner Up
  • I owe you so much for all the confidence you’ve given me this year! I was so excited I didn’t ask you what I should focus on building for the next one.

    Sarah Studeman
    Sarah Studeman LV Classic 2022 Master Bikini 3rd place
  • Coach Dee, I just want to say thank you, me and mark are really grateful with all the help you did. We wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for your bad ass coaching. Thank you once again.

    Trisha Micarez
    Trisha Micarez Trisha Micarez - LV Classic 2022 Overall True Novice Bikini Champion
  • Dee,I say this to you every day and will continue to do so! You are the best coach in town! There’s a reason why when someone googles competition in Las Vegas your name pops up. The respect and reputation linked to your name is something that one must earn. And you definitely earned it! Your passion, your knowledge, your commitment… Since you and I started this journey together, I’ve always felt so safe! Because I knew you got my back and you were/are always there for me!You were the one that told me I should compete in Physique! And look at what happened. Coaching for you has always been about your athletes! It’s never been about you, or the money… you are a legend!I love you all! Be kind and generous to yourselves! We are so blessed to be alive, healthy and having passion to make our dreams a reality!

    Audrey Diccico
    Audrey Diccico LV Classic 2022 Overall Woman's Physique Champion