For nutrition and diet counseling that gets you lasting results, count on Team Dee’s in Las Vegas. If you’re looking to lose weight, trim down, and feel healthier, you can count on Dee. With over 30 years of fitness training experience and several sports competition awards, IFBB Pro Dee Bloom practices what she preaches. Her knowledge and training in nutrition counseling and personal training can transform your body. Her ability to motivate can transform your mind and help you reach your healthiest heights.

The Benefits Of Nutrition Counseling

When you have a customized diet tailored to your specific needs and goals, it becomes easy to form and maintain new habits. Allow us to introduce you to meal options that give you energy and results. Every person’s dietary requirements are slightly different which is why a diet that worked wonders for a friend may do nothing for you. Just some of Team Dee’s nutritional counseling benefits include:

  • Better Atheltic Performance
  • Nutritional Supplement Advice
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Lasting Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Personalization
  • Quicker Results
  • Accountability

Reassurance, Motivations & Success

Diet counseling is not just about losing weight. It is the first step to a new lifestyle change. Learning to eat to fuel your life instead of out of boredom or as a stress reliever, can be a challenge at first. That’s where the coaching part of the term diet coach, comes in. At Team Dee’s, you’re never alone on your journey to your best self. We’re here to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your fitness or weight loss goals.

The Get Results Vegas Nutrition Counselor

At Team Dee’s, Dee Bloom is your Las Vegas get results nutrition counselor. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, a little skinny fat covering those abs, are interested in sports nutrition or have questions about bodybuilding nutrition, we’re here to help. Getting the healthiest physique requires attention to the type of fuel you choose to consume. Call us today to schedule your nutrition counseling consultation.