Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

Whether you are looking for nutrition advice, personal training, competition prep training, weightlifting trainer, or a posing coach, Team Dee’s is here to help you in Las Vegas with [...]

Personal Training

If you’re looking for the best personal trainer in Las Vegas, contact Dee Bloom today. With an IFBB Pro in your corner, you’ll experience for yourself the life-changing benefits of [...]

Fitness Competition Trainer

If you are thinking about participating in a fitness competition, your first move should be to hire Team Dee’s in Las Vegas as your personal fitness competition trainer. Having an [...]

Competition Posing Coach

If you are looking to show off all of your hard work in your next bodybuilding or fitness competition, Team Dee’s is the top Las Vegas area competition posing coach. Planning to enter any [...]

Toning & Body Sculpting

For a lean body, and clearly defined muscles, at Team Dee’s of Las Vegas, we can help you perfect your toning and sculpting fitness routine. The wrong exercise routine can not only waste [...]

Nutrition & Diet Counseling

For nutrition and diet counseling that gets you lasting results, count on Team Dee’s in Las Vegas. If you’re looking to lose weight, trim down, and feel healthier, you can count on [...]

Female Personal Trainer

If your tired of trial and error and ready to surpass your fitness and weight loss expectations then choose Dee Bloom of Team Dee’s as your female personal trainer in Las Vegas. Step one in any [...]

Weight Loss Personal Trainer

Finally reach the level of health and fitness you’re looking for with Dee bloom of Team Dee’s, your weight loss personal trainer in Las Vegas. When you work in an office, sitting all [...]

Body Transformations

For body transformations that really wow, choose Team Dee’s of Las Vegas. Maybe you still have that baby weight, but the baby is all grown up. Maybe you’re an emotional eater or just [...]

Online Personal Training

Because no lifestyle should be too busy for health and fitness, Denise Bloom of Team Dee’s is your online personal trainer. The wonders of the Internet have made it easier for real live [...]