Getting In Shape Vs. Losing Weight

Seeing the results from healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise and a nutritious diet can feel amazing. But if you’re stepping on the scale every day and not seeing your weight go down [...]

How To Build Muscle As You Age

Around the age of 30 it’s natural to start losing muscle mass. Along with this loss of muscle tissue, you might experience a slower metabolism, unwanted weight gain, and in time la decrease [...]

6 Most Harmful Strength Training Myths

The internet, magazines, and fitness books are full of advice about getting in shape. Unfortunately, many common strength training myths and misconceptions can actually get in the way of the [...]

5 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Looking for the right combination of diet and exercise to target unwanted fat and keep it off? Lose weight the healthy way with the help of Dee’s Team in Las Vegas, NV. Dee Bloom is an [...]

Boost Weight Loss With Protein

At Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, NV, we can help you build a nutrition and exercise plan with plenty of protein to help you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. With so many diet plans [...]

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