Boost Your Metabolism At The Gym

When you train with Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, you get access to expert workout advice and state-of-the-art equipment that helps to boost your metabolism. Why wouldn’t you take [...]

Why Women Struggle With Losing Weight

It can be difficult as a woman balancing work, life, and health. Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, Nevada can help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you’ve ever wondered why it seems so [...]

5 Ways To Increase Muscle Mass

Safely and effectively increase muscle mass with Dee Bloom of Team Dee’s Las Vegas personal training and bodybuilding coaching. As an IFBB pro with over 30 years of competitive experience, [...]

7 Common Workout Mistakes

It’s so easy to make some of the most common workout mistakes, but if you are in Las Vegas, at Team Dee’s we can help you avoid them and achieve your fitness goals. They say when you know better, [...]

Body Sculpting With A Personal Trainer

Body sculpting with a personal trainer, like Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, is the best and healthiest way to achieve the body of your dreams. While some people look to surgery and other [...]

How To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

At Team Dee’s of Las Vegas, we can help you build muscle to burn fat faster. Why waste time struggling with your weight? Dee Bloom can customize her tried and true techniques that get results [...]

Best Protein Sources For Bodybuilders

Protein is a powerhouse nutrient necessary for sculpting a ripped physique, but choosing the best protein sources for bodybuilders can be a challenge. At Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, we advise [...]

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