Body Sculpting With A Personal Trainer

Body sculpting with a personal trainer, like Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, is the best and healthiest way to achieve the body of your dreams. While some people look to surgery and other [...]

How To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

At Team Dee’s of Las Vegas, we can help you build muscle to burn fat faster. Why waste time struggling with your weight? Dee Bloom can customize her tried and true techniques that get results [...]

Best Protein Sources For Bodybuilders

Protein is a powerhouse nutrient necessary for sculpting a ripped physique, but choosing the best protein sources for bodybuilders can be a challenge. At Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, we advise [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Bodybuilding

Pump up your daily fitness routine with the expertise of Team Dee’s in Las Vegas. Professional trainer, Dee Bloom, can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Get all the [...]

Fad Diets & Why To Avoid Them

Team Dee’s in Las Vegas is committed to helping you achieve healthy, permanent weight loss, which is why it’s important to know all the information about fad diets and why to avoid them. [...]

Fitness & Diet Tips For The Holidays

Because the fall and winter holidays are a time to fill our hearts and homes, not undo all that hard work you’ve put in at the gym, here at Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, we’ve got some fitness and [...]

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