Consistency by Personal Fitness & Wellness coach Denise Bloom

Consistency; steadfast adherence to the same principles and behavior.

Being a Personal trainer in Las Vegas for over 25 years now I have recognized that consistent behavior is tough with our 24hr city, however the true key to success is consistent effort! In life one thing that I have learned is that if we are not consistent in training and wellness we will not achieve results. We get up each day and have a goal we are trying to obtain and without a consistent effort in our nutrition and personal training our goals will never be achieved to it fullest potential.  We look at another personal trainer in Las Vegas or person in another city in aww and ask them how did they get there? They’ll tell you every day what they do, however if we are not fully committed to our goal we will not succeed.

So I have to ask you what is your determining factor for your motivation? This principle can be applied to all areas of life, however today we will be discussing fitness and well being.

Fitness goals have to be achieved through a consistent effort of going to city athletic club or your favorite gym lifting weights and eating correctly. If at any time we cheat on meals or miss a workout our full potential will not be achieved.  Be accountable to someone, be it dee bloom the trainer or your best friend, just be accountable so your consistent effort is valued until you can value it yourself.

We have to chip away at our goals each and every day!

Consistent effort creates an over all wellness and desire to achieve our greatest potential one day at time, however the goal in mind is an important element. So let’s ask ourselves what is our goals and determine through a Las Vegas trainer or wherever your at what they are. Remember it’s a lifetime commitment to yourself so take your time and be real.

Denise Bloom IFBB pro didn’t happen over night, it took 25yrs of consistent training and good nutrition to achieve. Today I’m still consistent in my wellness program, weight training and nutrition.