Per the request of Governer Sisolak, a public health order has been issued for all nonessential businesses to close for 30 days in the state of Nevada. This includes public gyms.

The Gym Is Closed, But We’re Still Workin’ Out

While the gym may be off-limits due to social distancing, there are plenty of ways to still get your workout on. Personal trainer Denise Bloom is offering alternative services to keep your health and fitness a priority during this uncertain time.


  • Virtual Training / Coaching (Skype, Facetime, etc)
  • In-Home Training With Equipment
  • In-Home Training Without Equipment
  • Park Workouts
  • Hikes


At-Home Health & Fitness Services

Don’t lose momentum while at home. Despite the circumstances, stay positive and try to stay mindful of your nutrition during these stressful times. Dee is available to strategize the best way for you to stay on track with your workouts and nutrition from your home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to coordinate home workouts, online training, no-contact nutrition delivery, and more.

Jay Cutler Competition Trainer

The show will go on! The 2020 NPC Jay Cutler Desert Classic has been rescheduled to May 30th this year due to the COVID-19 crisis, so there is still time to train if you would like to compete. Dee is accepting new and existing clients, and training with social distancing in mind. Contact Team Dee’s to discuss your current physique, create a training and meal plan, as well as strategize the best workouts to prepare you for competition time. Register below and get ready to win!