Team Dee’s in Las Vegas is committed to helping you achieve healthy, permanent weight loss, which is why it’s important to know all the information about fad diets and why to avoid them. You probably know someone who lost a ton of weight following some new diet trend, but the odds are that the person will gain it all back because the diet is unsustainable. Here’s the low-down on some fad diets in 2019.

What Are The Dangers Of Fad Diets?

Crazy fad diets promise fast results. That what makes them seem so appealing to people hoping to lose weight quickly. We get impatient with slower, sustainable results. Unfortunately, the effects of yo-yo dieting have serious health impacts.

Depending on the severity of the food restriction of the fat diet you try, it can cause everything from malnutrition to dehydration to diarrhea. Some diets can even cause heart palpitations and more severe side effects. There are diets that can even cause weight gain if not followed correctly.

Popular Fad Diets

It seems like people have tried every combination of diets under the sun as they try to achieve their weight loss goals. Some of the worst fad diets include the cabbage soup diet and the HCG diet. Most doctors and nutritionists agree that balanced eating, calorie tracking, and exercise are the right tools to help people get in shape, but these diets continue to pop up each year. Some current or popular fad diets include:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • South Beach
  • Atkins
  • Zone
  • DASH

Balanced Food & Exercise Are Key

One of the best reasons to hire a personal trainer is because they are knowledgeable about both exercise and the healthy nutritious food your body needs. You want to fuel your workouts and your life. Food is incredibly important to reach weight loss goals. Without working out, part of the healthy weight loss equation is missing. Every person needs a plan meant for their specific body type and goals. That’s what you don’t get with a fad diet and you do get with a good personal trainer.

Get Fit Healthfully In Las Vegas

Contact Team Dee’s in Las Vegas today to get started on the road to weight loss and health and fitness. Dee Bloom has years of experience she can leverage to help you achieve your goals and live the life you want to live. Stop jumping on the bandwagon of fad dieting and step into optimal health and fitness today.