Holidays can derail a fitness routine and undo all the hard work you put in during the year. We’ve got you covered with fitness and diet tips to help you overcome the upcoming holiday season so you can enjoy it without the guilt. Mindful eating strategies and some workout advice can take you from holiday weight gain to maintaining your goals when it’s the hardest.

Maintain Your Fitness Routine

Workout plans and fitness often get put on the back burner because we find excuses for why we can’t. Keeping your fitness routine and modifying it to fit into your busy schedule will give you a great start on keeping up with your weight loss goals.

Focus On Simpler Goals

This is the worst time to try and aggressively lose weight or introduce a new routine. Staying consistent during this time will keep your body ready to turn it up notch when the new year rolls in and keep a strong foundation during a stressful time of year.

Start With A High Fiber Breakfast

A good breakfast high in fiber will get your system off to a great start. Doing so will help you curb cravings and keep you from overindulging later in the day. Most importantly, don’t skip any meals during the holidays so you can maintain your energy level.

Keep A Food Journal

Knowing what you are putting into your body and making entries can help you moderate your food intake. Understanding the nutritional info can keep you focused, make better food choices, and keep your portions in line.

Schedule Your Workouts

Building a workout schedule around your holiday routine is beneficial to keeping yourself accountable and ensuring you have adequate time to complete it. Make sure you stick to your schedule and don’t miss any workouts. The best part is that it can help reduce stress from the holidays and improve your mood.

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake

As you know, cocktails and other holiday beverage choices contain sugar and calories. A simple drink can really put you on the wrong side of your calorie intake. Keeping track of your alcohol intake and planning for it can help you keep those extra pounds away during holiday parties and events.

Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

Nothing is worse than finding yourself in a situation where you are hungry and don’t have many options. Having a healthy snack with you can help curb your appetite until you can have a better meal and keep you from unhealthy options because they are convenient.

Prioritize Sleep

Your body needs to recover, which means keeping a healthy sleep routine. Doing so keeps your metabolism and immune system functioning at their highest ability. During the holidays, ensuring your body gets the rest it needs is crucial because we tend to steal too much time from recovery when we need it the most.

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

When you are on the go, your body can confuse hunger with just being thirsty. Maintaining healthy water intake can help you feel fuller and boost your metabolism for holiday meals.

Celebrating Without Regrets

Healthy holiday eating is often a combination of thinking ahead while practicing a mindful eating and workout routine. Little things like taking bigger portions of healthier options and cutting back on the sweats will allow you to enjoy the holidays without dreading the scale or losing sight of your goals.

Combating Extra Portions

  • Slow Down Your Eating
  • Drink An Extra Glass Of Water
  • Stay Within Your Set Portions

Keep Yourself Active

Instead of plopping down on the couch and watching TV to fight the dreaded food coma, plan to stay moving.

Finding Ways To Stay Active

  • Take A Walk After Meals
  • Find A Fun Holiday Activity
  • Plan An Outdoor Adventure
  • Get Friends & Family Members Involved

Gift Yourself Personal Training

One of the best ways to stay active and in shape over the holidays is by partnering with an experienced personal trainer for professional workout and nutrition advice. Get motivation and accountability without dragging a friend or family member out of bed early. At Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, we can help you create and maintain a great routine that can be built around your schedule.