After competing in close to 50 shows myself and attaining a Pro Card, i have come to understand the dedication, sacrifice and discipline needed to win. We journey on this path for many personal reasons and these are the top 5 I have encountered: weight lose, bucket list, taking our bodies to the next level, business decision or simply proving to ourselves we can. Without a doubt it is life changing and beyond rewarding. I have had the pleasure of being in the fitness industry for 3 decades coaching the most outstanding athletes from all walks of life. Together we have accomplished the impossible as sacrifice is the key ingredient to success. A grueling 12­ – 14 weeks of contest preparation includes cardio almost daily, weight training and food prepping. No more leaving the house without a cooler full of carefully planned meals noting each and every macro. Going out also becomes a luxury as we need to wake up early returning to the gym well rested, this to is a key element needed to obtain the desired look on stage.

Here are the 5 reasons why we choice to compete:

1. I have encountered the person who just needs a goal to encourage them to lose weight and stay focused, a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Show casing ones body is by far the most inspiring reason to stay on course. At the same time we learn the importance of food and exercise which is the key element in changing our over­all appearance.

2. How about the bucket list?

Let me tell you how many clients I have trained for only one show, more than I can remember. We see such beautiful bodies grace the cover of fitness magazines, social media and around the gym that curiosity alone fuels the bucket with intrigue. So why not give a try! Once again the journey is mind, body and spirit altering. I’d honestly say that one show satisfies our curiosity leaving an imprint for life.

3. Taking our bodies to the next level is something I hear a lot.

It seems we can only go so far on our fitness journey before seeking the help of a professional. At this point a competition will drive us beyond our daily threshold creating the next level we so desire. Just remember in order to achieve a competition body one must follow the training and diet regiment thoroughly.

4. A business decision, we ask what does competing have to do with business?

Being a Master Trainer I have had the pleasure of training many trainers and have encouraged them to step on stage. The process from beginning to end test the true dedication and passion of anyone in the fitness industry. A challenge that helps build character and allows the trainer to share the Will needed to change ones body. Also showing the client how much the body can change when sticking to the training and nutrition program.

5. Lastly, simple proving to ourselves we can.

How many times have we heard from friends, family members and co- workers that we can’t do something. Well let me tell you, that in itself motivates more people to prove others wrong. I say “lets do this” and prove to ourselves that we can! Many of my clients have gone on from competing to become Pro’s, entrepreneurs, business owners and trainers. Competing takes us out of our comfort zone proving with dedication, focus and a goal in mind that we can accomplish the impossible.

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into the reasons why we choice to compete. I will follow up with the importance of nutrition in my next article. Just remember, without a qualified trainer guiding a personally designed program, success is vitally impossible.

See you in the gym,

Dee Bloom IFBB Pro.