Once you’ve decided to hire a fitness coach, your next decision will most likely be, “How often should I see a personal trainer?” The general rule of thumb is to train between one and three times a week. Choosing a workout schedule will be between you and your trainer and depend on many factors.

  • Your Fitness Goals
  • The Skills & Services Of Your Personal Trainer
  • How Consistent Your Schedule Allows You To Be

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Are you exercising to lose weight or training for a fitness competition? The time you devote to stretching, lifting, and conditioning each week will depend on your ultimate goals, how dedicated you are to achieving them, and the shape you are starting off in.

You’ll want to talk to your personal trainer about what you want to achieve and any time-related expectations you have. Then, you can decide on a realistic training schedule geared towards your goals together.

  • Gym Newbies — Getting started at the gym takes time. You may need between two and three days a week at first to get familiar with safe postures, how to work machines, and a circuit that works for you.
  • Experienced Athletes — You may need one or more sessions each week during your athletic season to prevent injuries and optimize performance.
  • Upcoming Fitness Events — Seeing a personal trainer at least once a week as you prepare for a marathon or other fitness competition can keep you on your game and continuously improving.
  • Getting Back Into Shape — Even experienced gym-goers can use a refresher if it’s been a while since you’ve worked out. Pregnancy, injury, and a busy schedule can mean easing back into fitness a couple of sessions a week for at least the first two months.

The Skills & Services Of Your Personal Trainer

Losing weight, building muscle, and raising your overall fitness level are about so much more than just hitting the gym. You’ll want to take advantage of all the skills and services your personal trainer has to offer. This can mean more or less time with your trainer each week.

For example, at Team Dee’s, Dee Bloom is an accomplished fitness competition trainer and licensed nutrition coach. Your number of weekly sessions will depend on which services you are focusing on.

How Consistent Your Schedule Allows You To Be

Lastly, your lifestyle will help determine how often you can see your personal trainer. If getting to the gym as much as you need to seems impossible, ask about guided sessions from home. Dee offers online personal training to replace gym sessions when you can’t make it in and supplement them when you can only make it in person some of the time but still need one-on-one coaching.

Hire A Las Vegas Personal Trainer

For better overall fitness or focused coaching in Las Vegas, hire a personal trainer. At Team Dee’s, we can help you decide how often to see a personal trainer and personalize your training plan to get you results that have you smashing through your weight loss, body sculpting, and endurance goals. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dee Bloom.