Gaining weight often seems to go along with getting older. But packing on pounds doesn’t have to be inevitable if you’re eating right and exercising. Las Vegas personal trainer, Team Dee’s can help keep you fit and trim no matter your age.

What Causes Weight Gain As You Age?

As you age, you tend to lose muscle mass. With less muscle mass, your metabolism slows and muscle is replaced with fat.

Hormone changes as you age can also trigger weight gain. Women see the most hormonal changes during menopause. Men will experience a gradual decline in testosterone around 40 years old.

  • Slower Metabolism
  • Change In Body Composition
  • Hormone Changes

Avoid These Pitfalls That Can Pack On Pounds

Later in life, we tend to exercise less often and with less intensity. Your busy schedule may make you feel you don’t have the time or energy to exercise or cook healthy meals.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of accepting weight gain as something that is just part of getting older. You can lose weight and stay healthy at any age by avoiding these pitfalls, even as you age.

  • Skipping Workouts Or Less Intense Exercises
  • Not Planning Healthy Meals
  • Accepting Weight Gain As Something That’s Just Part Of Getting Older

Ways To Stay Fit At Any Age

Exercising is a great way to build muscle tone, sleep better, and reduce stress. All of these things will help keep the weight off and improve your quality of life.

Healthy meal planning is crucial to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Many of us have busy schedules, and it can be tempting to grab a bag of fast food on the way home from work. If you have trouble with cooking healthy meals, a nutritional counselor can give you ideas on nutritious meals and snacks that don’t take up a lot of time in the kitchen.

  • Eat Foods High In Protein & Fiber
  • Avoid Processed Foods & Foods High In Saturated & Trans Fat
  • Make Sure To Have Plenty Of Sleep Each Night
  • Manage Your Stress Level
  • Include Weight Training & Cardio In Your Weekly Routine
  • Hire A Personal Trainer For Advice, Guidance, & Motivation

Expert Health & Weight Loss Advice In Las Vegas

You don’t have to accept weight gain as just part of getting older. Let personal trainer Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, NV help you plan healthy meals and a challenging exercise routine. We’ll work with your schedule, your body type, and your unique challenges. With 30-plus years of personal training and nutrition experience, we can help transform your physique at any age.