Congratulations To All

Team Dees and her team walked away from the LV Steve Karr Classic 2022 with an amazing showing.

Result For Team Dees Competitors

  • 1 – 6th Overall Finish
  • 1 – 5th Overall Finish
  • 4 – 4th Overall Finish
  • 2 – 3rd Overall Finish
  • 3 – 2nd Overall Finish
  • 8 – 1st Overall Finish
  • 2 – Overall Champions


A Message From Dee

Like I have been saying all along.

“We Are More Than A Team, We Are The Dream”

You all proved that last night. From beginning to end, all of you were truly professional, dedicated, and kept the passion alive. We share a very special mindset, and it ain’t for everyone, believe me!

It’s more than lifting weights, cardio, etc. it truly is a spiritual experience, and you all did it.