Are you starting a new fitness program and trying to decide between hiring a personal trainer, like one of our pros at Team Dee’s, or trying out group fitness classes? Both will benefit your health, but one might be more suitable for your goals, personality, and fitness level.

Hiring A Personal Trainer For A Customized Exercise Plan

If you have specific goals, or unique challenges, or require a motivator to get to the gym, a personal trainer may be a better choice for you. Group classes may be fun and help you burn some calories, but they won’t provide you with a unique fitness plan.

Pros Of Hiring A Personal Trainer:

  • Individualized Attention
  • A Specific Plan To Meet Your Goals
  • Discover & Target Weak Muscles
  • Someone To Challenge You & Hold You Accountable
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Attention On Proper Form
  • Less Likely To Have An Injury With An Expert’s Supervision
  • Work With Your Unique Challenges, Such As Old Injuries Or Health Issues
  • Develop A Personal Relationship With Your Coach

Cons To Hiring A Personal Trainer:

  • Usually A Larger Investment Than Group Classes
  • Some People Are Intimidated By Working With A Fitness Coach
  • You Won’t Typically Be Able To Workout With Friends

Group Classes For An Energetic, Fun Workout

Most gyms offer a diverse menu of group classes to choose from. Anywhere from cardio, to weight training, to yoga. They can be a fun, affordable way to exercise.

Pros Of Group Fitness Classes:

  • A More Affordable Way To Exercise
  • Fun, Energetic Environment With Upbeat Motivational Music
  • You’ll Be Able To Workout With Friends
  • A Variety Of Classes To Choose From
  • A Social Environment To Meet New People & Make New Friends

Cons To Group Fitness Classes:

  • The Instructor Will Have Their Attention Divided Among All Participants
  • The Class May Be Too Advanced Or Not Challenging Enough For Your Fitness Level
  • You May Find It’s More Difficult To Achieve Your Goals
  • Your Group Instructor May Not Notice If You Are Using An Improper Form

What Fitness Path Is Best For You?

Group exercise may be fine if you are looking for a healthy way to socialize, de-stress, and burn off a few calories. However, a personal trainer will be worth the investment if you have specific goals, challenges, or trouble staying motivated.

If you plan on entering a competition or want to become a professional bodybuilder, hiring a fitness expert is an absolute must.

Get Custom Training For Real Results In Las Vegas

When it comes to getting actual results, whether muscle gain or weight loss, nothing compares to hiring an expert. Team Dee’s in Las Vegas, NV, is here to give you personalized coaching on both nutrition and exercise. Give Dee a call today to find out what you can accomplish with her expert guidance.