Pump up your daily fitness routine with the expertise of Team Dee’s in Las Vegas. Professional trainer, Dee Bloom, can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Get all the benefits of bodybuilding with the edge only a competition body sculpting pro can offer.

It’s About More Than Just Muscle

You may have been working out on your own for a while, but aren’t seeing the bulk or tone that you want. Having a personal bodybuilding trainer is the safest and healthiest way to sculpt your body and lose weight in the least amount of time.

The top 5 benefits of bodybuilding are worth the work.

  • Reduce The Risk Of Diseases
  • Strengthen The Immune System
  • Increase Brain Function
  • Boost Self-Confidence
  • Alleviate Stress

Want Better Sleep & Increased Energy?

Bodybuilding isn’t just about rocking a fantastic body on stage in front of an audience (even though we can help you with that too); it’s also about optimal health and performance. The right combination of aerobic exercise, proper diet, and weight training helps you achieve this.

Futureproof Your Body With Strong Bones

Bodybuilding can lower your risk for chronic diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. When bones are left ignored, joints and ligaments become weak. Your bones can become brittle and frail over time. Fight this trend with weight training for a healthy body.

Why A Female Personal Trainer?

For the ladies, you know you’re training with someone who gets the unique challenges and needs of your body. For guys, there is no comparing yourself with your buff trainer or feeling self-conscious during form adjustments. Either way, you get to focus on the work at hand and know it’s right for you.

Bonus! You’re Boosting Your Immune System.

Cold’s or the flu might seem like an inevitable part of each winter. Why not be proactive with weight training exercises? While you work on building muscle, you’ll also be boosting your immune system’s ability to fight off illnesses.

Better Mind, Better Life

Give your mind a lift by giving it the physical activity it craves. When you sweat out your frustrations, you’re providing your brain with needed endorphins to lower anxiety levels and fight off depression. Burning fat and building muscle can be as beneficial as seeing a masseuse or therapist.

Expert Advice On Nutrition For Bodybuilding

When you’re building muscle, sweating out toxins, and eating a clean diet you are on the road to success. With a balanced meal plan in play, you’ll notice a difference in body shape and feel more energized all day. But what’s the best bodybuilding diet?

Dee Bloom has a degree in nutrition, competition awards under her belt, and years of experience shaping hot bodies for the stage. This means that she has the nutrition advice you need not just to build a body, but to build YOUR body.

Your Las Vegas Bodybuilding Coach

Whether you’ve been dreaming of entering a bodybuilding competition or wish to take advantage of some of the other great benefits of bodybuilding, you want a trainer who can get you results. Contact female Las Vegas bodybuilding coach Dee Bloom to schedule your appointment today.