At Team Dee’s personal training in Las Vegas, we get a lot of questions about how to get strong, sexy arms. How do I increase upper body strength? How do I get more toned arms? How do I get rid of arm flab? With the help of Dee Bloom, you can find the answers and achieve toned arms you’re proud to show off.

Don’t Cover Up, Beat The Heat

In Las Vegas, it can feel like summer is a year-round season. It’s hard to relax and feel good while lounging around the pool if you’re constantly trying to hide your arms. Look forward to spaghetti straps, dressing up for the club, or your next stint as a bridesmaid for once. Get the sleek, toned arms you’ve always wanted with weight training.

Slim Down & Tone Up

Diving into weight loss and weight-training for arms can feel overwhelming. When you hire a personal trainer, you get advice and guidance to get the most out of your time and your gym membership. The best machines, routines, and even nutrition tips are within your grasp when you count on Team Dee’s.

The Sexy Arm Workout

Weight training involves more than just throwing around heavy weights haphazardly. We all know that no one magically turns into a fitness model or bodybuilder overnight. Your body and muscle structure are extremely complex and unique to you.

Sculpting arms requires thought and planning. Your arms are made up of many different muscles, each with ideal movements or exercises that will promote growth.

The Best Bicep Exercises

Biceps are often the muscle referenced when looking to build a more attractive upper body. Made up of two sections, the long head (outer arm) and short head (inner arm), each combine to make the muscle between your shoulder and inner elbow.

Here are a few exercises you should consider when working this area of your arm:

  • Traditional Dumbbell Curls – The trademark arm exercise, these are one-handed curls either alternating between arms or simultaneous.
  • Hammer Curls- A slight variation on a normal curl, these are performed with your wrists facing your body as opposed to the ceiling.
  • Barbell Curls- A two-handed curl performed with either a bent or straight barbell.
  • Kettlebell Curls- With their unique shape, kettlebells can offer a more strenuous variation on the standard curl.

Each of these weightlifting exercises for arms, while slight variations on the same movement, offer different angles of attack. Your trainer can help you decide between machines, resistance cables, dumbbells, and kettlebells and perfect your form for great, safe results.

Top Tricep Exercises

Often neglected, the triceps are actually the biggest muscle group on the arm. Triceps are made up of three heads located on the backside of your upper arms. Tricep exercises involve an “extension” of your upper arm, as opposed to the previously mentioned bicep curls.

  • Dips – Dips can be performed simply with a bench, or on an assisted machine.
  • Overhead Dumbbell Extensions – Performed from a seated position, this is either a two or one-handed overhead tricep extension.
  • Cable Pushdowns – Performed on a cable machine with either a rope or barbell attachment, these are extensions from chest to waist height.
  • Skull Crushers – Performed by laying down on a flat bench, these are extensions with a barbell from your head to over your chest.

Your weightlifting trainer will help you with proper form and technique for each of these foundational arm exercises.

Get That Extra Edge

Which exercises will work best for your strength and mobility level? How do you perform each movement ideally and safely? How many sets and reps should you do? Hiring a personal trainer will help you approach your new arm workout routine with a well thought out plan.

Ready To Show Off Those Guns?

Dee Bloom of Team Dee’s is your Las Vegas female personal trainer for strong, sexy arms. She will ensure you get the most out of your workouts and see real results. Contact us today to schedule your personal training consultation.