Are you thinking about bodybuilding training but feeling confused by all the conflicting information out there? Personal trainer Team Dee’s, in Las Vegas, NV, is here to help dispel some of the misconceptions about becoming a professional weight lifter.

10 Common Bodybuilding Myths

  1. All bodybuilders are on steroids.
  2. There are shortcuts to getting ripped.
  3. You must work out every single day to achieve a bodybuilder’s physique.
  4. You have to give up all the pleasures in life to get the body you want.
  5. Bodybuilding & powerlifting will ruin a woman’s feminine physique.
  6. The goal is just to get huge.
  7. Stretching will hurt your gains.
  8. You’ve got to get that ‘muscle pump.’
  9. You must always “train to failure”.
  10. The heavier, the better.

1. All Bodybuilders Are On Steroids

There are many bodybuilders who’ve chosen the natural way to get fit. Of course, they have put the work into both their diet and training routine. Often they are guided by an expert personal trainer who specializes in training bodybuilders.

2. There Are Shortcuts To Getting Ripped

There are no healthy shortcuts to getting the bodybuilder’s physique. Eating the right foods, progressively increasing your lifting weight, and being consistent is the path to real results. Shortcuts using unnatural enhancement may get you there quicker, but they come with some pretty hefty adverse side effects.

3. You Must Work Out Every Single Day To Achieve A Bodybuilder’s Physique

While it’s true that you must be consistent in the gym, your body (and your mind) needs time to rest and regenerate. When you work out, you’re tearing your muscles down, but when you’re resting, you’re healing and rebuilding muscle. Not taking the time to recover can cause burnout and even injury.

4. You Have To Give Up All Pleasures In Life To Get The Body You Want

Often, big goals require sacrifice. But fitness should enhance your life, not completely take it over. It’s essential to stay focused while finding balance, so you still have time for friends, family, and the things you enjoy.

5. Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Will Ruin A Woman’s Feminine Physique

Women are often worried weight lifting will lead to a bulky physique and make them look less feminine. In reality, it is an excess of fat that is usually the culprit in looking bulky. Powerlifting can help with fat loss, increased muscle, a lifted booty, and body sculpting.

6. The Goal Is Just To Get Huge

Increasing muscle mass is a significant part of getting the body of your dreams. However, there are two other major components for getting that jaw-dropping look—definition and proportion. Achieving a balance of these three elements can be challenging. This is when expert advice from a fitness professional is crucial.

7. Stretching Will Hurt Your Gains

Actually, this one is partially true. It’s all about when you stretch. Stretching is essential to keep muscles supple and reduce your chance of injury, but studies have shown a lower performance if you stretch before you exercise. So don’t skip the stretching—just do it after your workout.

8. You’ve Got To Get That “Muscle Pump”

The muscle pump is one of those things some weightlifters swear by, and others laugh at. Both opinions have some merit.

The muscle pump is when blood and fluids engorge your muscles, temporarily making them look larger. While there’s little research to show the muscle pump itself grows muscle, the best way to achieve the muscle pump appearance is by doing high-volume weight training. And we all know weight training is how you build muscle mass.

9. You Must Always “Train To Failure”

Training to fail is another highly debated topic in the fitness world. It’s a technique that has been shown to build strong muscle, but it can be overused and abused. When overdone, it can cause central fatigue. Once central fatigue sets in, all your other workout sets will suffer.

If you train to fail, seek expert advice on how to do it properly and set aside additional time for rest and recovery.

10. The Heavier, The Better

Yes, we want to challenge our muscles, but too much weight can hinder the workout. You want to ensure that throughout the movement, you can maintain proper form and technique and go through the whole range of motion.

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